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Pura vida, nuestro paso por San Sebastián

by purelife on September 27th, 2012

El festival continúa, pero Pura vida ya ha acabado su paso por San Sebastián. Estamos ya inmersos en los preparativos para nuestra cita en Pamplona.

Pero antes, nos gustaría dedicar un post a nuestros días en el Zinemaldi. Dejamos aquí unas fotos del estreno. Y además, os invitamos a entrar al espacio del festival dedicado a Pura vida. Gracias a todos los que estuvisteis allí, el 23, 24 y 25, a los que lo intentasteis pero no conseguisteis entrada y a los que no pudisteis acudir. Esperamos veros en otras ciudades.

The Festival continues, but “Pura vida” has completed its passage through San Sebastian. We are already immersed in preparations for our meeting in Pamplona.

But first, we would like to dedicate a post to our days in the Internation Film Festival of San Sebastian. We leave here some pictures of the premiere. And again, I invite you to enter the space of the “Festival” dedicated to “Pura vida”. Thanks to all who were there, on 23rd, 24th and 25th, to which you tried it but did not manage to get into and those that could not attend. Hope to see you in other cities.

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